bruno kurz
... and blue amongst clear skies


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Director: Annette von Wangenheim
Cinematography and Editing: Dirk Weiler
Music: Nepomuk Golding

The film is the finale and culmination of a trilogy of short films on the work of the painter Bruno Kurz. Here, filmic leitmotifs from Part 1 and 2 of the trilogy are condensed to new levels and, as in a triptych, merge with other elements into an overall picture, in which individual parts complement each other yet can also stand alone. Our gaze is consistently directed from the outside to the inside and steers us from the process of creating the paintings in the studio (Part I) via their impact in the public space (Part II) towards introspection and a focus on the paintings as such (Part III).

...and blue amongst clear skies dispenses with the spoken word and allows pictorial and tone colours to merge in new ways over and over again. Most sparingly utilised sounds and images of nature give free range to the vague landscape associations of Bruno Kurz and offer unexpected points of reference that may dissipate in an instant, leading to surprising accentuations and connections. This short film addresses deeper, archaic levels and opens up views to abstract landscapes of the soul, full of disruptions and contrasts.

Primal elements such as wind, water or ice flash up in visuals and sounds to enhance or break the emotional depth of the paintings without any digression. Acoustic rhythms come and go; again and again, new perspectives, centre lines and clearances emerge, in which Bruno Kurz' images can reveal their vibrancy, poetry and beauty. In an improvisation by the accordionist Nepomuk Golding, the energy of the colour fields and sonic planes finally build up to an unexpected tango, just to fade shortly after with great expiration.



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> Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, Canada     

> Gallery Cyprian Brenner, GCB, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

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