I am happy to introduce my work as a documentarist to you.
My films cover various topics and comprise different formats, all of which I see as reflections of the kind of life that usually goes unnoticed in our media: everyday life, survival strategies and success in the daily struggles of people who are rarely if ever seen on the screen.

My philosophy: I want to touch the viewer with a different view, with different questions and different images. Unity in variety is obtained by top research, independent and creative, the highest cinematic standards, beautiful and sensual, and repertoire films, timeless, profound and captivating.

Several of my documentaries are distributed worldwide and have become classics of their genres; they are presented at festivals and on television, as installations at museums and as accompanying events at international exhibitions.

The person is always at the centre of my work, including my educational practice. Delivering artistic encouragement and support for amateur practitioners from all age groups means a lot to me, especially in this day and age. The shared experience of the language of music, direct interaction and exchange between people create a sense of joy that moves us deep inside – a joy that does not require digital technology, intellectual theorising or mechanical functioning but must always involve the whole person.

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Since > DAS FEST unfortunately had to be cancelled this year, we made a virtue out of necessity: on July 26, 2020, a performance by > young recorder students was staged for parents and friends on the platform over the rowing lake of > Guenther Klotz Park. On July 29, 2020, my adult recorder ensemble performed there in the atmospheric ambience of a pleasant summer's evening.

DVD Release October 7th, 2016
> Keep the flame, don’t pray to the ashes
The Choreographer Martin Schläpfer

Original cinema version plus English subtitles
with exclusive bonus features and bilingual booklet, German-English

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